10 Most Affordable Universities for Post Graduates in the UK

Here is a complete 10 cheap universities in the UK for post graduates.

10. University of Suffolk


This very young university in Ipswich opened its doors in 2007 and was only granted independence in 2016. In the past, it has worked with the universities of East Anglia and Essex to award its degrees.

The international office at Suffolk claims its international students become part of a global network as well as benefit from the extensive student support services.

Search through postgraduate courses at the University of Suffolk.


9. Leeds Trinity University


Leeds Trinity University has a strong focus on employability, and all students benefit from excellent support services. Postgraduate alumni have become published authors, award-winning journalists and pioneers in their research fields.

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8. Liverpool Hope University


Alongside affordable tuition fees for international students, Liverpool Hope University offers a range of enticing postgraduate courses to help boost your career prospects.

As a student at the university, you’ll be able to enjoy a peaceful campus life while living near to the thriving city of Liverpool.

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7. University College of Osteopathy


International students receive a thorough and affordable education at University College of Osteopathy. Postgraduate options include an MSc in Osteopathy, a PGCert in Academic and Clinical Education and a PGCert in Animal Osteopathy.

Search through postgraduate courses at University College of Osteopathy.


6. University of Cumbria


With international postgraduate fees lower than most other universities and a setting that lies within some of Britain’s trademark stunning countryside, the University of Cumbria is an attractive proposition for those looking to further their education in the UK.

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Search through postgraduate degrees at the University of Cumbria.


5. Royal Veterinary College


The fees for the Royal Veterinary College (RVC) are just £9,750 for the year. RVC has both a central London campus and a more rural setting in Hertfordshire, meaning you can get the best of both worlds. You’ll also have the chance to work with a fascinating selection of animals during your time there.

Search through postgraduate degrees at Royal Veterinary College.


4. Teesside University


Teesside University offers international postgraduate students low fees in comparison to other universities in the UK.

You can pick from a range of course options, and benefit from a recently developed £275m city-centre campus.

Search through postgraduate courses at Teesside University.


3. Middlesex University


With one of the lowest fees in the UK for international postgraduate students, Middlesex University aims to equip you with the skills you need to fast-track your career after studying.
Fees can be as low as £6,600, so as an international student, you can focus on your studies without worrying too much about breaking the bank.

Search through postgraduate degrees at Middlesex University.


2. Leeds Beckett University


Leeds Beckett University offers over 190 affordable postgraduate courses in a range of subjects from Accounting to Sonic Arts. The cost of your degree will vary depending on what you study.

You’ll benefit from the expertise of the Graduate School, where a specialist team provides an inclusive environment in which postgraduate students can thrive.

Search for postgraduate courses at Leeds Beckett University.


1. AECC University College


AECC University College in Bournemouth has the lowest postgraduate fees for international students in the UK, with the cheapest courses starting at just £4,800.

It offers postgraduate degrees in multiple health-related areas, including physiotherapy and chiropractic.

Search through postgraduate degrees at AECC University College.

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