Cheapest Undergraduate Universities In Norway

Cheapest Undergraduate University  In Norway


No matter the student’s nation of origin, public universities in Norway do not charge tuition. One of the numerous factors making Norway appealing to international students is the one-of-a-kind chance to earn a degree at a reputable university for free.


Norway can maintain high standards in providing quality education since its institutions are few and tiny in comparison to those in other nations. More and more foreign students are choosing to study in Norway as a result of its top-notch universities and colleges. 


Tuition is charged at private universities. On average: The cost of bachelor’s programs might range from 7,000 to 9,000 euros annually. It might range from 9,000 to 19,000 EUR for master’s programs.


Learn more about Norland’s affordable universities by reading on.


6 Cheapest Undergraduate University In Norway

1. Norwegian University Of Science And Technology


The Norwegian University of Science and Technology, one of Norway’s public institutions with free tuition, was founded in 1996. It includes three campuses and more than nine faculties.


The Norwegian University of Science and Technology is well renowned for its engineering and technology programs, but it also offers a wide range of courses in business, management, health care, humanities, architecture, natural science, and social science.


The Norwegian University of Science and Technology enrolls around 40,000 students, including both domestic and foreign students.


Additionally, the majority of the locations where the campuses of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology are located have vibrant metropolitan environments and a diverse population.


2. Western Norway University Of Applied Science


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A public university in western Norway, Western Norway University of Applied Sciences offers undergraduate and graduate courses in the fields of education and the arts, engineering and science, health and social science, and business administration to more than 17,000 students.


Along with research centers for evidence-based practice, education, health, kindergarten knowledge, food, and maritime activity, it also features a diving school. It has four faculties, including the faculties of education, arts and sports, health and social sciences, and engineering and sciences spread throughout its five sites.


Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, which was founded in 2017 and is one of Norway’s free-tuition universities, is one of its biggest institutions and annually graduates more than 3500 students.


Last but not least, the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences has the primary focus in terms of research. The university enjoys good support and complies with some international standards; some of the research areas include technology, safety, public health, sustainable development, and numerous others.


3. University Of Oslo


The Institution of Oslo, once known as Royal Frederick University and now known simply as the University of Oslo, is the oldest university in Norway and one of the top universities in all of Europe.


One of the top public universities in Norway, the University of Oslo enrolls a sizable number of students each year. 


It offers a variety of programs and has faculties for the humanities, law, mathematics, the natural sciences, medicine, dentistry, social sciences, and educational science.

4. Oslo Metropolitan University


The second-youngest new institution in Norway, Oslo Metropolitan University has approximately 20,000 students and was founded in 2018.


which has three campuses, the largest of which is the Pilestredet Campus, followed by the Kjelier Campus and Sandvika Campus.


It contains four colleges that provide a range of courses to both domestic and foreign students, including faculties of health sciences, education, and international students, social sciences, and technology, art, and design.

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The research areas at Oslo Metropolitan University are very diverse, and the university also includes some research centers. For students, there are scholarships available.


5. University Of Bergen


The University of Bergen is a public university in Norway that was founded in 1946 and is situated in the Norwegian city of Bergen. Norway has the best school system, plus there is wildlife all around the cities, making it the best place to study.


The University of Bergen offers a huge variety of English-taught programs. Bergen, the second-largest city in Norway, is known for its beautiful natural scenery and frequent cultural events. With numerous universities and institutions, Bergen is a well-liked location for students.


More than 100 different nations are represented among the students in Bergen. Over 18,000 students attend the University of Bergen, with over 20% of them being foreigners.


Degree programs in the humanities, law, mathematics, natural sciences, medicine, psychology, and social science are available at the university. Research University is the name and designation of the institution.


Marine, climate and energy transition, and global issues are the primary study fields at the University of Bergen. The University of Bergen is one of the greatest universities in Europe, and it has a large number of renowned alumni from throughout the world.


6. University Of Stavanger


In the Norwegian city of Stavanger, there is a public university called the University of Stavanger. It was founded in 2005, with 12,000 students, including at least 10% of international students, and provides a wide range of programs at the Bachelor, Master’s (five-year and two-year), and Ph.D. levels.


Additionally, IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, and other proofs of English ability are accepted for the University of Stavanger’s English language test requirement.


The University of Stavanger is a publicly supported institution that only charges for student welfare groups and does not impose tuition fees on either Norwegian or foreign students. Stavanger is a city with many tourist attractions and is a highly safe place to study.

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One of the best decisions college students can make for themselves is to attend an institution that they can safely afford. This will provide them peace of mind and the freedom to explore and enjoy their time. You’d have a terrific time studying in Norland, which offers a good number of economical universities. This essay should be useful, we hope. Enjoy your time.


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