Ford Driving Dreams Scholarship & How To Apply

Ford Driving Dreams Scholarship


Are you a student or an undergraduate in need of a scholarship program? The Ford Driving Dreams Scholarship program is here for you. It is planned to help and empower secondary school seniors from the Austin, Houston, North Texas, and San Antonio regions to seek a degree at U.S. post-optional establishments.

The Ford Driving Dreams Scholarship Program is supported by Passage Engine Organization Asset and regulated by the LULAC Public Instructive Help Places (LNESC).

The Ford Driving Dreams Scholarship Program grants $2,000 grants to qualified secondary school seniors. Candidates should have a combined grade point normal of 3.0 or better on a 4.0 scale or the same and want to select full-time in a licensed school or college.

The Ford Driving Dreams Scholarship Program is accessible to qualifying understudies from selected schools in North Texas and school locales in Austin, Houston, and San Antonio.


Each student ought to have the chance to think ambitiously. Ford Driving Dreams helps make that a reality. Ford Engine Organization Asset is devoted to assisting students with going Further through the study hall.

Starting around 2012, Ford Driving Dreams (FDD) has prepared more than 200,000 students across the U.S., Puerto Rico, Latin America, and Europe with devices to assist with filling their scholar and professional ventures.

Program Description

The Ford Driving Dreams Scholarship Program in North Texas grants $2,000 grants to more than 250 qualified secondary school seniors.

Candidates should have a combined grade point normal of 3.0 or better on a 4.0 scale or the same, and understudies probably scored 20 or higher on the Demonstration test or 1050 or higher on the SAT and want to select full-time in a certified school or college.

As a Food Engine Organization Asset signature instruction drive, this organization between LNESC, the Passage Asset, and the North Texas Ford vendors is focused on improving individuals’ lives by enabling understudies, everything being equal, on making progress.

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Qualification Necessities

Candidates should meet the accompanying standards to be considered for a grant:

  1. Should be a graduating secondary school senior in the spring of 2022
  2. Should be a student wanting to seek full-time examinations prompting a four-year certification at a certified school or college in the U.S.
  3. Should have a combined secondary school grade point normal of something like 3.0 on a 4.0 scale or the same

Other Cooperating Bodies

LULAC and Ford Organization Asset hold a common conviction that training is the doorway to an open door. Together, they endeavor to help programs that assist Hispanic students with accomplishing on-time graduation and give them a pathway to get an advanced education.

Instructive drives and ventures, for example, Ford Driving Dreams, have added to the declining secondary school dropout rates and expanding school enlistment rates among Hispanics.

As per information from the U.S. Statistics Department, secondary school dropout rates across the U.S. among overall communities of understudies expanded to 6% in 2021 from 5% in 2019.

Dropout rates for Hispanic youth were at 7.7% in 2019. During this time, the number of Hispanic secondary school graduates who signed up for school expanded from 32% in 1999 to 47% in 2016.

In any case, different sources report seeing that number take a striking plunge to under 20% and property to deter deterrents brought about by the pandemic.

While these enhancements in scholarly fulfillment among Hispanic understudies emphatically affect the local area, secondary school dropout rates among the segment stay higher at practically 8% contrasted with their White (5%), Asian (3%), and Dark (6%) peers.

Through this drive, LULAC Chambers and their instructive accomplice associations work in their neighborhood networks to accomplish training value across the U.S. Until this point; the Portage Driving Dreams Awards Program has subsidized north of 88 projects across 25 states.


The Ford Driving Dreams Scholarship program intends to: Accomplish on-time secondary school graduation among designated understudies.

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Increment understudies’ pace of on-time advancement to the following grade. Work on the scholastic execution of the understudies (grades and grades). Work on relational connections between the understudies and their friends, instructors, executives, and relatives. Lessen adolescent misconduct and youth association in packs.

Encourage a feeling of the local area in schools and neighborhoods and fabricate better connections among companions, guardians, and educators.

Cut Off time

September 20, 2023, We accept that training is the doorway to a valuable open door. In an organization with LULAC committees and their instructive local area accomplices, we can continue driving schooling further by supporting understudies and families through limited drives that address the most squeezing needs inside networks.

Experiences From Beneficiaries

Cassandra Rivera, a 2019 Portage Driving Dreams Researcher, and Texas A&M Student, fantasizes about becoming a pilot and desires to enlist in the U.S. Flying corps. She and her mom, Melinda Rivera, appreciate the Passage Asset’s help in getting that going.

Marvin Rojas Javier, another Ford Driving Dreams grant beneficiary, plans to have a twofold major in worldwide business and showcasing at the College of Oklahoma.

Cheerfully reviewing his astonishment when he got the fresh insight about his honor, Marvin said, “It’s far beyond the cash; it’s the beginning and end you get from it — it’s the occasions, the systems administration later.”

Portage Driving Dreams is intended to help understudies, everything being equal. For grade school understudies, Passage Driving Dreams conveys new books and proficiency drives to motivate kids’ adoration for pursuing an organization with public philanthropic First Book.

For center and secondary school students, the program gives grant and business subsidizing, initiative and systems administration potential open doors, vocation building exercises, school readiness devices, and inspirational occasions – all intended to assemble certainty and rouse understudies to graduate on time and seek after advanced education.

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