How to Start a Law Firm in the UK


Have you been wanting to set up a law firm in the UK? Or you studied law in university and want to embark on a career full time. We’ve got you covered with the right information. Law practice is among the careers in the UK that are on the rise. Every qualified lawyer in the UK wants to start up their firm, and that’s because they want to be a boss on their own.  They want to make money from their efforts and also employ other individuals with a similar mindset.

Starting a law firm In the UK might sound interesting, but bear in mind that it’s a hard task. 

If you are looking forward to starting your law firm; we implore you to follow the right steps. And also follow the right approach that would make you successful in the business. 


How to start a law firm in the UK

 (1) Create a business plan

Before you think of starting a law firm in the Uk; it is important to jot down a business plan that entails full details on how to get clients quickly. 

The business plan must include the following

* The location

* Source of funds  

* The services you would offer 

* an SRA Compliance Information 

You need to analyze your success; while you are creating rewarding, meaningful, and specific plans. Know the reasons why you want to start a law firm. Running a law firm is not about working alone, it’s about having more time for yourself and freedom. 

You should know what would make you happy in the end, most especially figuring out the kind of life you would like to live. If you don’t have a precise goal; venturing into this business can end up being a waste of time. 

(2) Determine your structure at the onset

Before you start a law firm, you will need to discern the structure of the law firm. It could be a recognized sole practice, a licensed body, and a recognized body.  This is one of the major pieces of information an SRA’s FA1 wants  from you. 

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A standard law firm relates to additional traditional solicitors practice where every partner and other individuals in a law firm are lawfully qualified. 

(3) Obtain a professional indemnity safety quote in the process 

Every law firm should have more than £2 million and £3 million for an incorporated body skilled indemnity insurance.

Every insurance that abides by SRA’s formal ‘minimum terms’ for securing primary consumer protection is entitled to offer cover. And one interesting thing is that the SRA would not emphasize a new law firm and alternative business structure application; the only thing that would make them pay attention is if you have a quote for skilled indemnity insurance to deliver along with your application for approvals. 

One other reason why you need a quote is to make sure you can get insured and also for a price that matches your model. 

If you don’t secure a quote; you won’t go further. In addition to this, if the key personnel in the firm you want to set up have vital rigorous conclusions in their records, this will have a slight impact in discerning if you would get a quote for the firm or not. 


(4) Look out for skills you lack 

If you are to consider how much your life is summed up in a business; most individuals would want to raise more money. The downside of such a mindset is that it’s an ineffective way to run a business and also dangerous. 

You need to acknowledge services that rank very high; this is something important you need while starting a law firm. 


(5) Build  a social media strategy

Law firms and Barristers in the UK are growing enormously. So if you are planning to start One; you will need to make good use of social media to expand your organization. Your social media handle would be used in sharing information about your business and your latest updates.

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Once you a create social media strategy that correlates with your business goal, you will 

* Reach out to more customers from different destinations

* Build relationships with new customers and enhance the ones you already have 

* Have an idea of what your competitors are doing 

* Make sales 

* Exhibit your business skill 


(6) Implement every distinguished call to action

It’s important to have a prominent call to action on your online platform. Once a  visitor goes through your compelling content and they are convinced and looking forward to speaking with you, try as much as possible to understand what they need.  Like picking up their phones, downloading white papers on their devices, filling out the inquiry form, and registering for upcoming events. etc.  One’s these features are made easy; every visitor would be converted into a client. 


What are the biggest law firms in the UK

According to research, DLA Piper was said to be the top law firm in the UK with thousands of employees.  while CMS is the next on the list after DLA piper. However, here is the  list of top law firms in the UK 


  • DLA Piper
  • CMS
  • Clifford Chance
  • Eversheds Sutherland
  • Norton Rose Fulbright
  • Hogan Lovells
  • Linklaters
  • Allen & Overy
  • Herbert Smith Freehills


What are law firms called In the UK 

They are popularly known as solicitors 

How Much Do Lawyers Earn in Uk?

Most lawyers in the Uk earn £68,700 annually, that’s roughly £4,000 per month.  While the ones who just started earn £25,000 annually. The hinges paid lawyer in Uk earns roughly £200,000  annually. 

How many hours do lawyers work every week in Uk

Most lawyers in the United kingdom work for almost 40 hours weekly.  Some lawyers work up to 80 hours a week; mostly the Big Law attorneys. 


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