How To Best Migrate To Sweden 2022

How To Best Migrate To Sweden 2022


Sweden is one of the most popular places to live and work because of its liberal social policies, easy access to employment, welcoming immigration laws, and publicly financed healthcare and education systems.


A beautiful place to live, Sweden is known for its high level of living and wealth of natural resources.


The Swedish Parliament updated the immigration law on June 1st, 2022. The recently enacted modifications are intended to deter criminal activity and stop businesses from engaging in salary dumping.


They also uphold the level of interest and protection for employees that trade unions provide. Additionally, the law is promoted as an extra defense against human trafficking. In 2023, it’s anticipated that new legislation will be introduced.


It should be remembered that due to these modifications, the Swedish Migration Agency’s processing times for work permits have increased and will continue to increase significantly.


Swedish Immigration Laws Update For 2022


  • A signed employment contract must accompany the application. Swedish firms frequently include a six-month probationary period in their contracts, so even when a 24-month work visa is requested, the Migration Agency will only issue one good for six months. This implies that, depending on how long it takes for the work permit renewal to be decided, an employee won’t be able to become fully locally registered for at least a year. The timeline is currently between four and six months. Healthcare, daycare, and other social benefits typically provided to taxpayers are not available to the person with a work permit.


  • Long-term work permit extension holders can apply for a D-visa to travel for work while their application is being processed. Family members and travel for private purposes are not included.
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  • Starting a job during the first four months of the work permit’s validity should no longer be grounds for refusing to extend the work permit and, eventually, to get permanent residency. Whether a permit for a further two years will be issued in its place or if a permanent residency permit will be awarded moving forward is unknown at this time. The new regulation has some ambiguity, which could lead to differing interpretations by different case officers of the Migration Agency. In actuality, this would lead to disparate outcomes in comparable cases.


  • Removing the four-year restriction on work permits and enabling extensions if a candidate chooses not to pursue permanent residence. According to the Migration Agency, only those who have held a valid work visa for a minimum of four years are eligible for permanent residency.


  • Adult family members of people with work permits who are unemployed and unable to support themselves are no longer eligible for permanent residency. The head applicant’s income is not taken into account. This modification was made in July 2021 as part of the Aliens Act revisions.


  • Minor violations of the job terms won’t result in deportation. This is done to combat the practice known as the “deporting of talents.”


  • The employer is required to notify the Swedish Migration Agency if the terms of work change. Employers could be asked for documentation of the employment agreements. Fines will be assessed if you refuse to comply.


  • Highly educated people can now live and work in Sweden for nine months while looking for work or starting a business thanks to a recently introduced visa. Private health insurance and evidence of one’s ability to support oneself (and a family, if relevant) are requirements.


  • Establishing a maintenance requirement for households dependent on foreign labor. The new conditions are similar to those previously used in other family reunions. The regulations will be more similar to those that govern other family immigrants, although they won’t call for housing of a specific size or standard. However, in many situations, and always in the case of permanent residency, leases are required as a component of the application. Additionally, the lease must be in effect for at least 18 months. Building associations normally only permit sublets for 12 months. Therefore, this is a concern.
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Visa/Work Permit Requirements


The procedure for obtaining a Swedish visa depends on your country of citizenship. Residents of the EU/EEA are entitled to live and work in Sweden and do not need a visa. EU/EEA citizens can also relocate to Sweden without a job and look for employment there for a few months.


Documents Needed

Documents required by all applicants


  • A Valid passport


  • The forms Application for a residence permit to settle in Sweden, form 161011, and Family details, form 239011, are required if you are not applying online. 


Married couples


You require the following if you are married:


  • The records that each applicant must submit (see above).


  • Marriage license or a wedding certificate.


  • A certificate that, if possible, proves the marriage was registered in your place of origin (such as a civic registration certificate in Sweden).


  • A rental agreement, a sale contract for your shared home, or any document proving you have cohabited are acceptable forms of identification (applies to persons living in a country other than Sweden).



If you are not married, you will need All the necessary paperwork.


  • Proof of citizenship or another proof proving your single status.


  • A rental agreement, a sale contract for your shared home, or any document proving you have cohabited are acceptable forms of identification (applies to persons living in a country other than Sweden).


Under 18


You can include a request for a residence permit for any children under 18 traveling with you to Sweden in your online application.


  • The records that each applicant must submit (see above).


  • Application for a residence permit for a kid under 18 to settle in Sweden and form no. 239011, Family data, if you are not applying online or if the child is applying alone. The Swedish Migration Board’s website contains all forms.


  • Certificate of kinship or birth.
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  • Written permission from the guardian of the child. If there is just one custodian, the application must be accompanied by a document proving this.


Family Relatives


Other close relatives are members of your family who are not your spouse, common-law partner, child, minor, or child’s parent.


If you fall under this heading, you require the following:


  • The records that each applicant must submit (see above).


  • A statement states that you and your relative are interdependent and cannot live apart due to social, emotional, or economical issues.


  • A statement detailing your family relationships.


  • A proof of your cohabitation before the relative’s relocation to Sweden.




You must take the necessary actions to immigrate to a new country. You can begin the application procedure to Sweden without worry if you use the information provided here. We hope this article was helpful to you. Remember to save this page as a favorite for more information like this. Enjoy your time.


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