Top cheapest schools in the UK for postgraduate

Top cheapest schools in the UK for postgraduate


Stress-related to the transition to college is already present. Selecting a less expensive school can prevent you from worrying about money both now and in the future, which is good for your mental health.


Since you won’t need to work six jobs to make ends meet, picking the affordable choice will allow you to enjoy college more. Additionally, you’ll be able to sleep better at night knowing that your student loan debt will decrease.


Working a job and selecting the less expensive alternative may result in you having more cash at the end of the day. You may use this money for graduate education, travel, or savings.


This article can come in helpful if you’re looking for affordable schools for postgraduate programs in the UK. Find out which UK schools are the best values by reading on.


Top 15 Cheapest Schools In The Uk For Postgraduate

1. Leeds Trinity University


Leeds Trinity University, which will be the most inexpensive school for postgraduate students living in the UK in 2022/23, strongly emphasizes its students’ employability. University graduates have become published authors, prize-winning journalists, and field leaders. With an MA in Creative Writing costing only £4,000, you might join them.


2. University Of Highland And Island


The University of the Highlands and Islands is Scotland’s cheapest university for postgraduate study. It offers several online and part-time course alternatives so you can fit your studies around other responsibilities. It is made up of 13 colleges and research centers, as well as over 70 local learning centers. Master’s degrees with full-time instruction start at $5,000.

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3. Liverpool Hope University


Liverpool Hope University offers a selection of fascinating postgraduate programs and reasonable tuition costs. You can take advantage of exquisite campus living close to a booming cosmopolitan city intended to improve your professional opportunities. The cost of an MA in Education, Performance, Disability Studies, History, and other fields is £5,200.

4. University Of Bolton


Small class sizes and the committed guidance of a personal tutor are advantages for postgraduate students at the University of Bolton. For £5,400, you might enroll in either an LLM in Law or an MSc in International Management, which benefits HR professionals wishing to advance their careers.

5. Queen Magaret University


For those in the arts, health, and political fields, Queen Margaret University in Scotland offers postgraduate courses starting at $5,500. Through the university’s Business Innovation Zone, aspiring business owners can also access real business assistance and mentoring (BIZ).

6. Edge Hill University


Edge Hill University’s postgraduate programs will stretch and push you, preparing you for success in your future job. Big Data Analytics, conservation management, film and media, sport, physical activity, and mental health are just a few of the master’s programs available at this pricing.

7. De Montfort University


At De Montfort University, you might pursue an MA in Education Practice or a Youth and Community Development Studies program for £5,725 each. The fully renovated campus, located in the center of busy Leicester, offers cutting-edge study spaces. Attending the year-round online events is an easy way to learn more about postgraduate education at the university.

8. Teeside University

Teesside University in Middlesbrough has a newly constructed £275 million city center campus. Over the next ten years, the institution intends to invest an additional £300 million in student amenities. There are many postgraduate options, ranging from an MBA to a DClinPsy. The average cost of a master’s degree is £5,900.

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9. Wrexham Glyndwr University


For just £5,940, Wrexham Glyndwr University offers master’s-level programs like an MA in Education (Leadership) or an MSc in Engineering (Aeronautical) if you wish to further your education on a budget. That leaves you with more than enough money to pay for your living expenses because it is less than a third of the amount you could receive from a master’s loan in Wales.

10. University Of Derby


The University of Derby strongly emphasizes applied learning and has an award-winning commitment to social mobility. Perhaps, for this reason, its MA in Education is offered at the affordable price of £6,000, putting students on the path to becoming future education leaders. Early Years, Leadership and Management, Lifelong Learning, and other course tracks are available.


11. University Of Suffolk


One of the newest institutions in the UK, the University of Suffolk was founded in 2007 and has been conferring its degrees since 2016. It is located on the beautiful Ipswich shoreline. It aims to give students the knowledge and qualities they need to thrive in a changing world by placing an entrepreneurial and modern focus on learning. Depending on the course type, international postgraduates will pay the same tuition as undergraduates in 2021/22.


12. Liverpool Institute For Performing Arts


The work-based learning course MA in Professional Practice: Theatre and Drama Facilitation aim to update your facilitation skills using management tools and strategies. In the UK, intensive weekend sessions are given on campus in addition to online and interactive instruction.


13. Royal Veterinary College


The Royal Veterinary College’s (RVC) annual tuition is only £10,240. RVC offers the best of both worlds because it has campuses in urban London and a more rural area of Hertfordshire. During your time there, you’ll also be able to work with a diverse range of fascinating creatures.

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14. Middlesex University


Middlesex University strives to provide the tools you need to jumpstart your career after graduation by offering some of the lowest prices in the UK for international postgraduate students. As an overseas student, you may concentrate on your studies without worrying too much about going into debt because tuition can be as cheap as £8,000.


15. University Of Hull


For most full-time taught master’s degrees starting in 2021/22, overseas students at the University of Hull will pay the same tuition rates as UK/Home students. This comprises programs from the Law School, the Department of Politics, and the Faculty of Arts, Cultures, and Education, among others. More than 100 nationalities are represented among the university’s international students, and Hull, a former cultural capital of the UK, has a lot to offer visitors who want to live and study there.




If you’re looking forward to finding affordable universities that fit your budget, then we hope this list meets you well. If you enjoyed this post, bookmark this page for more content like this. 

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