How To Get A Study Visa To Poland For Undergraduate

How To Get A Study Visa To Poland For Undergraduate


Polish universities provide top-notch education and are essential to the European educational system. All prestigious colleges offer English-taught programs in various fields, including engineering, business, humanities, and medicine. The Bologna Process is actively participated in by Poland.


No student visa is required for Poland for citizens of other EU nations. In truth, EU citizens do not need a visa to travel to Poland for 30 days. However, within your first three months in the nation, you must register your home with a nearby Provincial Office.


Students outside the EU must apply for a D-type Schengen visa for multiple entries and extended stays. You can apply for a visa for Poland after receiving a Schengen visa and even go to other EU nations.

Where To Apply For A Poland Student Visa


You can apply for a Poland visa at one of the following locations, depending on where you live:


  • The Polish consulate or embassy in your nation.


  • The adjacent nation’s consulate or embassy for Poland.


  • The embassy or consulate of a different Schengen nation to whom Poland has contracted the processing of visa applications.


  • The Polish embassy has contracted with a private visa application center or agency to provide visa submission services.

Documents Required

Documents needed to apply for a visa to Poland include the following:


  • Two applications for a visa to Poland. 


  • Two images of yourself the size of a passport. The photos must adhere to the requirements for Schengen visa photos.


  • Your ID card. You must also give extra copies of your passport pages, valid for at least three months from the return date.
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  • Health protection. It’s crucial to have prior health insurance to protect you for at least the first portion of your journey up until you can set up Polish long-term student health insurance.


  • Evidence of accommodation You need to show that you have a place to live, such as a dorm or an apartment for students.


  • Evidence of enough funding. You must be able to support yourself during your stay in Poland; thus, doing this is essential.


  • A letter of acceptance to college. Your name, the sort of study you will be pursuing, and the duration of your studies must all be stated in the letter, which must be official and signed by the Polish university you applied to.


  • A letter of invitation. If you cannot come to a rental or dorm agreement for housing during your stay in Poland, you may submit a visa application with an invitation letter. It must be stated in the invitation letter, which a guarantor must provide, that they will be able to cover your expenses while you are studying in Poland.


  • Certification of your level of English or Polish language skills. You must demonstrate your level of English or Polish language ability before you may begin your studies at a university in Poland. This proof may be offered as a diploma or academic certificate. There is a three-year maximum for the age of your certifications.


  • Scholarly writing (if applicable). Your financial security will increase if you show that you were awarded a scholarship to study in Poland. For the scholarship to be accepted as proof of your visa application, you must pay at least €631 monthly.


  • Evidence of your marital status. You must include your marriage certificate if you are married.


  • Proof of the time and date of your flight The airline ticket might be used as proof.
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  • Receipt for visa fees paid. You receive the receipt following payment of the long-stay visa fee.


How To Apply For Visa To Poland


Although reviewing your visa application shouldn’t take more than 15 days, you are urged to submit your paperwork early to allow for any unforeseen delays. For the embassy, make duplicates of the original documents in case you need them. A Polish consulate near you can accept your application and the processing cost.


Non-EU students require a temporary residence permit.


Three years is the normal length of an undergraduate course, whereas six years may be required for some long-cycle postgraduate programs. International students must apply for a temporary residence visa to stay in Poland for a long time because the type D visa only allows for a one-year stay.


For a temporary residence permit, students holding visas for Poland must apply at the regional or provincial office. You will require your application form, pictures, documentation establishing your identification and citizenship, proof of your address, the reason for your stay (which can be demonstrated with a letter from your school), health insurance, and evidence of sufficient cash. The price is 390 Polish zloty (85 Euros, or nearly 100 US dollars).


Always ensure you have followed the right procedures by checking the official website for the most recent information. Also, consider contacting Polish international students for advice on handling your application more effectively.

How Long Does It Take To Get A Poland Student Visa


After submitting your application could take up to 15 days for your Poland student visa to be processed. You should apply for your Poland student visa as soon as possible, but no later than three months before your enrolment period, once you have received the university’s letter of admission. The processing period for your student visa application may be increased if you submit it in the summertime.

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If you’re considering attending school in Poland, you’ll undoubtedly have a great time, make plenty of friends, explore this city, and of course, receive a standard education because Poland has one of the greatest undergraduate institutions in the world. We sincerely hope that you enjoyed and learned a lot from this content. Gratitude for reading.


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