Receptionist Jobs In The USA With Visa Sponsorship

Receptionist Jobs In The USA With Visa Sponsorship


A professional who oversees a company’s front desk is called a receptionist. They are frequently the client’s first point of contact. Other administrative duties are also carried out by receptionists.

A receptionist who works full- or part-time positions in the United States under sponsorship for a visa is responsible for greeting and attending to clients and guests, scheduling meetings for superiors, sorting mail, and taking phone calls.

The intriguing aspect of this type of work is that you can obtain it for no additional expense and support yourself from it without needing a regular certificate. This is one of the careers in the US that pays well despite being fairly demanding.

How to Apply for Receptionist Jobs in the USA with Visa Sponsorship

  • Start your application with a well-organized CV that adheres to USA standards, and create a strong cover letter that USA companies can use to suggest you.
  • Once the business determines that your CV’s qualifications make you their top pick, use the internet to search for any bus driver job openings in the USA.
  • A petition for sponsorship will be submitted by your employer to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service. You and your employer must have previously negotiated the payments with you.
  • Following that, your employer will submit a petition for sponsorship to the USICS on your behalf.
  • They will send you a job offer letter when it is prepared, which you can use to apply for an American visa.
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Company Offering Receptionist Job With Visa Sponsorship In The US

Company: Four seasons Hotel, Miami Florida

Brief Job Description

The Overnight Front Desk Agent position at the Four Seasons Hotel Miami is open to candidates with a drive for excellence and a positive attitude. Our staff members have the chance to influence our customers’ experiences by offering excellent knowledge and assistance for our well-known company.

Job Type: Full Time, Shift, And Schedule

Job Duties/ Responsibilities

  • efficiently and amiably checks in guests, whenever feasible using their names. ensures that the passenger receives the chosen accommodation type and that the appropriate price is charged. arranges for delivery of bags to the guest room. Give the visitor the correct keys.
  • Checks out a guest when their stay is over. determines customer satisfaction, gathers keys, posts late fees, and provides the bill to the customer. properly settles the bill through a cash or credit card transaction.
  • maintains a bank that has been given to you by the hotel. cash checks, give out change, and trades foreign money. at the end of each shift, reconciles all transactions.
  • Response to customer complaints treats all interactions with guests with the utmost courtesy and professionalism and accommodates special requests wherever possible. Customers are accurately helped with questions about hotel services, business hours, important hotel staff, on-site activities, directions, etc., and promptly respond to each and every request made by the guest. The guest will be contacted via phone and in person.
  • uses a number of computer systems to choose and reserve rooms for incoming visitors, conduct daily reports, and check in and out guests.
  • Observe the conduct standards and work rules of Four Seasons.
  • Cooperate amicably and professionally with superiors and coworkers.
  • In the absence of the staff from the reservations department, accepts reservations, modifications, and cancellations. can take calls from visitors and provide them with the proper direction without a communications operator.
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Visa Requirements

US work authorization is needed unless the applicant holds a managerial position at a Four Seasons location. Current Four Seasons managers may be eligible for sponsorship of an L-1 visa.

Visa Type For Receptionist Jobs

  • Temporary work visa.

You can use a temporary work visa to work as a receptionist in the United States. For a temporary or seasonal non-agricultural job where you will be required. If you’re looking for work as a receptionist in the USA, you can apply for an H-2B visa.

  • Sponsorship visa.

The sponsorship visa is an additional type of visa that can be applied for to work as a receptionist in the United States; however, to obtain one, you must either have a sponsor who is a close relative or member of your family, a sponsor who is your employer, or a special offer for immigrants.

Qualifications Requirements

  • The ideal applicants will have at least one year of hotel experience at a five-star establishment.
  • English language competency in reading, writing and speaking.
  • Strong preference is given to fluency in a language other than English.
  • The ability to perform overnight shifts, including on weekends and holidays, is required.
  • computer literacy.
  • knows the neighborhoods in Miami

Benefits Four Season Employees Enjoy

  • energizing workplace culture that supports being who you are!
  • Detailed learning and development programs to assist you in becoming an expert in your field.
  • All-year-long employee engagement activities that are inclusive and diverse.
  • Exceptional travel and discount offers from Four Seasons include Competitive pay and benefits (including health, dental, vision, and retirement plans), and much more!

Where To Find Other Receptionist Jobs With Visa Sponsorship

There are various ways to find receptionist jobs in the USA. In contrast, some people may be fortunate enough to land a job thanks to their connections or access.

Differently, networking and creating a well-organized LinkedIn profile will improve your chances of landing an excellent receptionist job.

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Be aware that advertisements on social media or the internet may be used most frequently. Being proactive and conducting extensive research is therefore essential.

You may rely on us to inform you of recent changes to the Receptionist job market. Please bookmark this page so you can stay informed as we update it with the most recent receptionist job news.

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