Dogwalker Jobs In The USA With Visa Sponsorship 2023

Dogwalker Jobs In The USA With Visa Sponsorship

While others find it challenging to understand pets, particularly dogs, and devote a lot of time to them, others may find it fascinating. If you genuinely love animals and are a dog lover, consider doing that so you can make a living from it.

Because of a tight work schedule, some people might not have enough time for their furry friends, so they hire pet lovers like dog walkers.

Working as a dog walker in the US is another way to relocate to the country while paying little to nothing for your flight and accommodation.

You should be aware that most American businesses are currently recruiting foreign labor for the profession of a dog walker.

So, if you have a passion for animals, especially dogs, now is the perfect time to share it.

Everything you need to know about dog walking employment, including opportunities for dog walking jobs with visa sponsorship, is covered in this article.

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Skills Needed To Be A Dogwalker

You must be able to work outside in all conditions and possess great interpersonal and communication skills. Additionally, having a connection to and knowledge of dogs is crucial. Being patient is crucial since developing a loyal clientele takes time.

How To Get A Job That Offers Visa Sponsorship In The Us

1. Search the H1B Visa Sponsors Database for Jobs

The first step is to find businesses that have sponsored H1B visas in the recent past. Searching for an “H1B visa sponsors database” or “businesses that sponsor H1B visas” will do this. Then, slightly alter the phrase to acquire a list of business names that have previously sponsored H1B visas. Start applying to the companies on your list.

2. Apply for the Position and Receive an Offer

It’s time to polish your resume, create a stellar application, and submit applications to every company on your list.

Applying to businesses that have already sponsored a number of H1B visa petitions is the best approach to finding employment.

3. Discover Internships

You could also look for an internship. Try to obtain an internship at a business that can sponsor an H1B visa if you are already in the country on an F1 visa and intend to stay. Utilize steps 1 and 2 to identify and secure your internship after that.

It is crucial that the organization where you intend to complete your internship has experience sponsoring H1B visa petitions because the procedure might be challenging. It will be simpler for you if the business is familiar with the procedure.

5. Look for Global Consulting Companies

Make a list of all the major international consulting firms, including TCS and WIPRO. Then, look at their home pages to see their available jobs. simply apply after that. If and when you receive a job offer, you can haggle with the hiring manager on the H1B visa.

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6. Find a Job at a US University

This is your best choice if you possess an H4 or F1 visa. (This assumes you want to work for a university or other research organization.) The most excellent thing about this choice is that most institutions are exempt from the annual H1B cap restrictions, allowing them to sponsor however many H1B visas they choose.

Dogwalker Jobs With Visa Sponsorship In The USA

Here is a list of companies offering dog walking jobs with visa sponsorship in the US.

Company: Bone A Fide Per Care, LLC in Raleigh, NC

This well-known business in Raleigh, North Carolina, claims to pay all interested applicants an average compensation of between $500 and $2,000 per week for the dog walker position.


Company: Ken Caryl Pet Spa in Littleton, CO

Send your application as soon as possible to Ken Caryl Pet Spa, which is hiring for a position as a pet sitter and dog walker with a competitive compensation of roughly $31.1K to $39.4K annually.

Company: All Breed Care Dog Walking and Pet Sitting in Wake Forest, NC

Dog walking jobs are available through All Bread Care Walking Company, with an hourly wage of approximately $15 to $17.

Company: Calling All Dogs & Cats in Saint Petersburg FL

This organization is now hiring foreign nationals for positions as dog walkers and pet sitters, promising to pay an hourly wage of between $15 to $20 on average. Since no one is sure when the hiring will end, you can start your application immediately.

Company: Updog Dog Walking in Denver CO

This organization is presently recruiting for a dog walker position with a friendly criterion and a competitive pay range of $16 to $18 per hour.

Company: The Nanny League, Inc in San Franciso, CA

A reputable company in the United States called The Nanny League, Inc. is currently accepting applications for a full-time dog nanny position. You can just begin applying for the position.

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Company: Tailchasers in Arlington Heights, IL

This organization offers a full-time, year-round position as a dog walker, with an hourly wage range of roughly $18 to $20. Your application can be started right away.

Company: CR Ranch, Inc. in Modesto

For individuals with interest in caring for animals, this company is hiring. Qualified candidates will get, on average, $15.50 to $16.50 per hour.

How to Submit an Application for a Dog Walker Job in the USA With Sponsorship

The methods listed below can be used to apply for a job as a dog walker in the USA with the sponsorship of a visa:

  • Visit an advance that is primarily utilized by American businesses. This might include LinkedIn, Indeed, or another site.

  • Enter the job title and location in the website’s search bar to look for open positions.

  • Examine the job description by clicking on the one you want.

  • If you meet the position requirements, click the application button.

  • Upload your application materials to the employee site, including your resume and cover letter, then wait for a response.

Requirements and Qualifications of Dog Walker

The following qualifications must be met to become a dog walker in the USA under sponsorship:

  • A high school diploma or its equivalent.
  • A certification in animal care is required.
  • A certification for dog walking.
  • Punctual and tolerant.
  • Excellent work experience


  1. I want to apply as a dog walker in your area, I have 8 years of experience working as a dog trainer/ handler and a dog walker, and I hope to be given a chance to work with your company. I will be waiting for your response.

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