Security Jobs In The USA With Visa Sponsorship 2023

Security Jobs In The USA With Visa Sponsorship


Security Jobs In The US

You don’t need a standard certificate to work in the US. With no prior experience or certificate, you can still get a considerably-paying job and make a living. It might also interest you to find out that you can get this job at little or no cost.

If you’re enthusiastic about getting a security job, then you’ve come to the right place this article explores some of the security job opportunities and what the job entails.

Companies Offering Security Jobs With Visa Sponsorship In The US

Company: Four Seasons Hotel & Private Residences Minneapolis

Position: Full-Time Security Officer


Brief Job Description


To join their exceptional pre-opening team, the brand-new Four Seasons Hotel and Private Residences Minneapolis are looking for a Security Officer! Don’t pass up this exceptional chance to work with the top luxury hotel chain in the world!

Job Duties

  • Assist the hotel team in maintaining responsibility for the safety of visitors, clients, and employees as well as their belongings, the hotel’s property, building, and grounds. enforce both the rules, regulations, and policies of the hotel and the departments.
  • By offering training as needed, promote safety awareness and enforcement throughout the hotel to lower accidents and loss.
  • Attend to any and all emergency calls, including those from the Emergency Response team. will offer assistance when needed in the Fire Command center. demonstrate a thorough understanding of the fire/life system, including supporting systems, their roles, and emergency response techniques.
  • As you patrol the building, take note of and remedy any safety, security, and fire risks. able to sprint or walk while carrying a fire extinguisher upstairs.
  • Implement all security and safety-related policies and procedures.
  • Shared responsibilities at the operations center include essential control, closed-circuit video monitoring, alarm monitoring, vendor/solicitor/visitor access, and department and emergency phone monitoring.
  • Help with worker’s compensation, finish paperwork and keep your environment safe.
  • Make thorough investigations and write complete incident reports. Maintain logs of reports, assist with and monitor investigations, and give your approval to reports. initiates and supports reporting on general liability. reduces claims by promoting loss prevention through training and awareness throughout the building.
  • Whether on the phone or in person, convey a friendly, professional, and eager to offer individualized services to all building tenants, employees, and neighbors.
  • Serve as a point of contact for all law enforcement, governmental, municipal, and hospitality associations.
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Job Requirements


  • Experience in the security of at least one year, preferably in hotels
  • Diploma from high school; bachelor’s degree preferred.
  • Consider the result of situations ethically.
  • Strong relationship-building and interpersonal skills to interact with peers, superiors, and clients.
  • Work in a careful, orderly, and safe manner.
  • The ability to work weekdays, weekends, holidays, and evening/overnight shifts is a requirement for scheduling flexibility.
  • English language ability in reading, writing, and speaking.
  • the capacity to multitask in a challenging environment with high volume.
  • Strong capacity to solve problems, handle challenging situations, and host guests.

Work Benefits


  • Detailed medical and vision coverage
  • holidays and vacation pay
  • Daily suppers created by acclaimed chefs
  • uniforms and care for uniforms
  • health insurance, disability benefits, and life insurance
  • discounts for a local gym membership
  • Parking rebates
  • café and staff lounge with city views
  • Eight weeks maximum of parental leave pay
  • Animal insurance
  • 401(k) pension scheme
  • rooms in Four Seasons hotels at a reduced rate across the world
  • Discounted dental insurance is offered.



Unless the applicant is already employed by another Four Seasons location as a manager, they must be authorized to work in the United States. L-1 visa sponsorship may be available for current Four Seasons managers.

Four Seasons is an employer that values diversity and equal opportunity. Applications from people of color, women, veterans, and those with impairments are encouraged.

Please visit their official page to learn more about this position.

Company: Dominion Energy

Position: Nuclear Security Officer I  (Full Time)

The Nuclear Protection Services at the North Anna Power Station in Mineral, Virginia need entry-level Nuclear Security Officers.

The business is looking for veterans of the US armed forces who match the requirements listed below.

Brief Job Description

Dominion security personnel uphold NRC rules, restrict access, monitor, and test security and communications systems, and maintain security at nuclear sites.

Job Duties

  • The following responsibilities will be assigned to qualified candidates:
  • Nuclear security officers guard against radiological sabotage as specified by the Design Basis Threat under the direction of more knowledgeable people.
  • Security officers will acquire tactical work experience while learning nuclear defense strategies and security guidelines.
  • Officers manage, control, and program electronic communications and security systems.
  • Officers respond to, evaluate, and look into alarms, unusual circumstances, emergencies, and security contingencies; they also offer reparations for inadequate or deteriorated security protections.
  • Before entering the station, officers will search all vehicles, people, and valuables.
  • Nuclear security officers act as members of the armed reaction force by carrying out their designated parts of the protective strategy as instructed. They may also coordinate contacts with regional fire, rescue, and law enforcement organizations.
  • Officers monitor protected zones and manage access to them.
  • Officers evaluate all security-related equipment in both vital and non-vital locations, including communications systems, detectors, x-ray screening devices, and alarm systems.
  • Officers manage security documentation, including documentation for electronic security systems and hardware, and generate mandatory security reports using a computer system.
  • Candidates MUST have a valid driver’s license or be able to obtain one, and they MUST be at least 21 years old.
  • Be a part of the station’s fire brigade or first aid team, if applicable.
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Job Requirements

  • Candidates MUST have a valid driver’s license or be able to obtain one, and they MUST be at least 21 years old.
  • 0–2 years of expertise
  • Basic understanding of weapons and safe gun handling.
  • Possess acquiring the necessary expertise and experience dealing with particular difficulties related to protecting vital infrastructure and providing security at nuclear power plants.
  • Ability to successfully complete a training certification program designed to give the minimum level of expertise and knowledge necessary to execute all duties connected with a Nuclear Security Officer in accordance with NRC requirements.
  • the capacity to successfully complete the demands of physical training.
  • Practical communication skills with internal and external consumer
  • ability to weigh facts carefully and decide wisely.
  • Excellent detail-orientedness and the capacity to stay vigilant under a range of circumstances
  • Be a part of the station’s fire brigade or first aid team, if applicable.
  • plus having a basic EMT certification
  • plus having a nuclear security clearance

Working Conditions

  • Cold Up to 25%
  • Noise Levels Up to 25%
  • Workplace Environment 51–75%
  • Up to 25% of operating machinery
  • Outside, 51% to 75%
  • Up to 25% Radiation
  • Journey Up to 25%
  • Evaluation Report
  • No Testing Is Necessary
  • Export Regulation

Company: Four Seasons Hotel

Position: Security Manager

Brief Job Description


The Four Seasons Hotel Miami is seeking a Security Manager with a drive for excellence and a positive attitude who will bring energy to all they do. Our staff members have the chance to influence our customers’ experiences by offering excellent knowledge and assistance for our well-known company.


Job Functions


  • Act as an unbiased third party in situations involving employee counseling, dispute resolution, or problem-solving, and inform the director of people & culture of any details that could put the hotel in a legal bind.
  • Determine, examine, and take the necessary steps to address any undesirable pattern of staff turnover.
  • Manage the HR budget’s financial concerns, such as benefits and labor & salary reports, and organize cost-effective events within the budget’s constraints.
  • Conduct routine audits of I-9, insurance, vacation, and sick leave records.
  • Maintained employment files and other records meticulously on paper and in the HR computer system, directly and through delegation.
  • Follow and uphold the EmPact-outlined Four Seasons Work Rules and Standards of Conduct.
  • Maintain the privacy of People & Culture while cooperating with coworkers and superiors in a kind and professional manner.
  • administering and educating staff about Embark, benefits, core values, and culture standards on behalf of People & Culture
  • All staff recreation programs, such as holiday parties, kid’s parties, and general meetings, should be planned and managed.
  • Respond to all employee claims against the hotel, including EEOC, NLRB, Workers’ Compensation, Unemployment, and Wage & Hour claims, and appear at any relevant hearings.
  • Support the Safety Committee proactively.
  • Make sure the employee entrance, the cafeteria, and the locker rooms are tidy and clean.
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Preferred Qualifications and Skills

  • English and Spanish language skills in reading, writing, and speaking
  • capable of presenting a quality oral argument and written product and being skilled in report writing and investigation tactics.
  • CPR, first aid, firefighting, and crowd management expertise.
  • two years of experience as a security supervisor with performance ratings that meet or exceed Four Seasons standards.
  • the ability to comprehend and use technically demanding life safety equipment as well as computer-based systems.
  • working familiarity with worker’s compensation and OSHA regulations
  • capable of establishing a team through mentoring

Visa Requirements

US work authorization is needed unless the applicant holds a managerial position at a Four Seasons location. Current Four Seasons managers may be eligible for sponsorship of an L-1 visa.


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