Support Working Jobs In The USA With Visa Sponsorship

Support Working Jobs In The USA With Visa Sponsorship

A support worker watches out for others’ welfare in their day-to-day activities. By offering both physical and emotional support, they enable persons with various physical disabilities and mental health requirements to live more freely and to the fullest of their potential.

It’s one of the most satisfying and enjoyable occupations you could have. There are many opportunities to train on the job and pick up new abilities, so you only sometimes require prior experience or credentials.

This article covers all you need to know about working as a substitute support worker and the available opportunities in the US.

Roles and responsibilities of a support worker

Because each of the individuals you support has different requirements, the tasks and responsibilities of a support worker are distinct and varied. Even though this job can take on many different forms, helping someone live a happier, more independent life is always the main objective.

Support workers may assist with meal preparation, housework, medication administration, money management, accessing community resources, shopping, meeting friends, and doctor visits.

Along with aiding a client, a support worker will collaborate with other experts in the field. Some will work in the client’s home, while others will work in daycare centers, nursing homes, and other registered care facilities.

Additionally, you will frequently collaborate with essential others in the person’s life, like friends and family, by putting them at ease, reassuring them, and involving them in their care.

Where do support workers work?

All health and social care areas, including social services, nonprofit organizations, and education, have positions available for support workers. Support worker positions are recruited by the NHS, commercial businesses, and social care divisions of local authorities.

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Around three-quarters of jobs in adult social care are held by independent sector employers, companies that establish and manage their own care services, and many of them employ support workers. Support workers may also be employed by local government entities, charities, and support groups.

You can contact various support worker agencies to locate a position as a support worker. Jobs for support workers are available throughout the US, although depending on where those who require care and assistance reside, there may be particular regions where there is a greater need for them.

What roles can I be promoted to after being a support worker?

Support employees have several options to advance in their careers. You could transition into a team leader or manager position, which entails overseeing a group of individuals and assisting with managing the care service.

You could also switch to a new support position like an advocate, personal assistant, or rehabilitation specialist. This could entail working in a new environment, with new people, and with lots of learning possibilities.

Additionally, specialized training programs are available, such as those on autism awareness, communication abilities, or working with dementia patients.

Support Working Jobs Available

Job Position – Community Support Worker


Hiring Company: Conexio Cre

Location: New Castle County


Job Benefits

  • perks for health, dental care, and vision
  • Generous Paid Time Off, Life & Disability Insurance, and a 401k (PTO)
  • Paid Career Advancement & Training
  • We provide our team members with DailyPay, a great work environment, and competitive pay. If you choose, you get paid on your first day of work and require income before payday every other day!
  • Wellness Initiative and more

Job Responsibilities

  • Aid in providing medication
  • Assist residents (adults 18 years of age or older) in planning and preparing medication and giving medication as appropriate. Ensure that clients are safe and that housing is in good shape.
  • Establish relationships with clients and encourage them to engage in the community and be as independent as possible while giving the necessary support. • Complete the Medication Administration Record as required by law.
  • As needed, offer crisis intervention to clients.
  • Help with office duties as requested by the supervisor.
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Job Requirements

  • Diploma from high school
  • CPR/First Aid certification; a valid drivers license in good standing; and at least three years of continuous driving experience (Certification required)
  • Complete the Conexio Care All Staff Orientation Curriculum. MANDT Training. Assistance with Self-Administration of Medication (Certification necessary).

Job Position – Direct Support Walker

Hiring Company: BAYADA Home Health Care

Job Description

As a Habilitation Technician (Direct Support Worker), you will work individually with people to help them achieve their goals by guiding, teaching, and motivating them. People will have the chance to interact and connect with others in the community; if necessary, you can even help them at home. Now Offering a New Hire Bonus of $1000

Providing care in the following locations:

  • HILO

Job Qualifications


  • Minimum one-year work/personal experience
  • Current 2-step TB clearance
  • CPR/First Aid certificate
  • Ability to pass a criminal background check

Job Benefits


  • We strive to match you with positions close to your house with weekly compensation,
  • flexible scheduling that fits your lifestyle, and short commute times.
  • Scholarship programs
  • A gratifying and stable work environment; access to the resources you need to execute your job.
  • Paid time off, round-the-clock clinical management support, and talent scout bonuses are available.
  • daily pay
  • We aim to match you with possibilities close to your home, so your commute is short. We also provide a secure work environment and the necessary resources to complete your job. We invest in our care team. Scholarship programs
  • Paid time off, round-the-clock clinical management support, and talent scout bonuses are available.

Job Responsibilities

Ability to work independently in a client’s home and community and a passion for providing mental/behavioral health care to those with intellectual/developmental disabilities

Provide dependable and consistent care while being proficient and at ease utilizing mobile devices to gather data and educate about teaching life skills.

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