How To Get Student Visa To Canada 2022

How To Get Student Visa To Canada 2022


Canada, which welcomes almost 500,000 international students, is renowned for providing top-notch education at reasonable tuition costs with degrees recognized worldwide. Additionally, there are abundant post-study employment and immigration prospects.


People in Canada are amiable and inviting, hailing from various ethnic groups with unique customs and lifestyles. Canada’s diversified climate fosters friendship and peaceful coexistence like no other nation. There are a lot of Indians here who are learning, working, and living.


The great emphasis on research and development in Canadian education is one of the main characteristics that sets it apart. There is no better country than Canada if you are a research scholar. The Canadian government generously supports research in medicine, telecommunication, agriculture, environmental science, and technology.


Because of how well-known this country is, it draws many people who want to study. If you’re looking to secure a student visa to study in Canada, keep reading since this post will be beneficial.


What Is A Canada Study Permit/Visa?


Foreign nationals are granted a “study permit” document that enables them to attend designated learning institutions (DLIs) in Canada. To study in Canada, most foreign nationals require a study permit.


A visa is not the same as a study permit. You cannot enter Canada with a study permit. You might also require electronic travel permission or a visitor visa (eTA). They will provide you with your study permit if they approve your application.


Documents Required Before Applying For Canada Student Visa


There are a few steps and documents you need to have on hand before applying for a student permit in Canada, but first, let’s talk about who is eligible to apply.

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Eligibility For Canada Student Visa


If you meet the requirements listed below, you can apply for a Canada Study Visa.


  • You must meet the requirements to travel uninjured. Among the approved vaccines are those from AstraZeneca/COVISHIELD, Bharat Biotech Covaxin, etc.


  • You must have been granted admission to a specific educational facility (DLI).


  • You must demonstrate that you have enough money to cover your tuition, living expenses for you and any accompanying family members while in Canada, and travel for all such family members.


  • You must demonstrate a spotless background free of any criminal activity. To demonstrate this, the candidates must present a police verification certificate.


  • You must have a health examination and present a medical certificate attesting to your excellent health.


Required Application Documents 


  1. A current passport


To apply for a study permit, you would need a current passport. According to the Canadian High Commission, you must have a passport whose validity spans the duration of your desired stay in Canada.


  1. Documentation of acceptance by an authorized educational institution


You need the acceptance letter from the college or institute you intend to attend. A university approved by the Immigration Department is a Designated Learning Institute.


  1. Proof of Funds

You would need to present financial documentation when applying for your study permit. You would have to demonstrate that you would have enough money to cover our tuition and living expenses under the current requirements. According to Canadian Immigration, you’ll need at least CAD 10,000 for each year of your stay. In addition to the aforementioned two requirements, the student must demonstrate that he or she has sufficient cash to cover a return trip.


  1. Immigration Medical Checkup (IME)

Indian students studying abroad in Canada must take an immigration medical examination from credentialed physicians. Students need to schedule an appointment with a recommended doctor and go in for a checkup, ideally one week before beginning their visa application. This allows the doctor adequate time to verify and upload the required paperwork. It is generally advisable to make an appointment with the nearby institution or practitioner listed on the list of doctors who have been appointed.

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  1. Results of the English Language Proficiency Test


Although it is not necessary to obtain your English Language Proficiency Score at the time of application, we strongly advise that you take the test and receive your results before beginning the visa application process. Your English language competency score would have been required to verify your admission to the Canadian University. All accepted tests include TOEFL, IELTS, etc.


  1. A statement of intent


You would be expected to write an essay when applying for a Canadian Study Permit outlining why you are visiting Canada and why you have picked the specific university. The checklist would ask you to submit this as an optional document, but we highly encourage you to do so.


  1. Credit Card


You would also need a credit card if you submitted your application online to pay the application cost. Students from India must pay a visa application fee of CAD 150 to study in Canada. Remember that the system only accepts credit cards; no debit cards are supported. Additionally, it is not required to be your credit card. If you have express permission to use your parents’ cards, you may also.


Final Process


Once you are eligible and have all the required documents, you can apply. Below are some things you need to bear in mind


  • Before traveling to Canada, complete an online application for a student visa at Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC).


  • Send the visa application materials by mail if you cannot submit the documents online due to a slow internet connection.


  • A letter of acceptance from the specified educational institution (a university recognized by the Canadian government).


  • Provide evidence that you have the financial means to support your studies in Canada (tuition fees and living expenses).


  • Show documentation proving your lack of criminal history.
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  • Provide clinical documentation demonstrating your overall health and any necessary comprehensive medical exams.


Recent visa laws state that your study permit application will be handled in two weeks if you have a family member who is employed or seeking a work permit in Canada.




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